Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Green party welcomes MyTuitionGuru the practice of online green tuition

As Tuition is so hot in Singapore, MOE even made several proposals to have less tuition for Singapore students. But Kiasu parents still insist on getting a lot of tuition for their kids. This is due to the facts that students will heavily rely on their marks to enter desired universities.

Here I can suggest two very good ways to let parents reduce the tuition.

If students will get negative points if they take tuition, then this situation can be easily changed.

If government can allow parents come back home earlier, so they can spend enough time with students, then a lot of parents may teach the students by themselves not by tuition teacher.

MyTuitionGuru designed online tuition for students, so the students don't need spend a lot of time on they way to tuition centre. Students will just stay at their cozy home and student online with the remote supervision of parents. These tuition courses are welcomed by Green Party, so less energy is wasted by this way.


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